Roger Goodell is advising the Republicans – now he must lead them to glory

There is a feel of inevitability about Hillary Clinton becoming the next President of the United States. We very well could be just 18 months from our first female president.

But there are two very real problems with this assumption. One, there was a feeling of inevitability about her eight years ago and, if you consider yourself to be up on the happenings in Washington DC, you’ll note she is not Travel Bottles currently president. And, two, the Republican Party is only now unveiling their secret weapon: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Yes, the man who earned countless headlines over the past 12 months for his incompetent and tone-deaf corporate leadership – and consider how hard it is to stand out in the crowded incompetent and tone-deaf world of corporate leadership – is spending this week advising Republican elected officials.

On Monday, Republican House whip Steve Scalise hosted Goodell in a closed door meeting with fellow legislators who were invited to learn at the feet of the great Rog. On Tuesday, House Republican Conference Chairman Cathy McMorris hosted a lunch with 40 colleagues to hear “leadership lessons” from Goodell.  The commissioner will also meet with GOP staffers. Yes. You can take a moment to read back over all those sentences that just hurt your brain, but unfortunately the facts won’t change: people elected to run the world’s most powerful country are seeking out advice from Roger Goodell. The NFL commissioner. Roger Goodell. Yes. Him.

But, really, why shouldn’t they get advice from Goodell? He has failed at everything except making more money for his most important constituents (the NFL owners), and despite his countless missteps, remains very much in power – and very wealthy, with an income of $44.2m a year. Making bad decisions, serving only the power brokers who put you in office, yet consolidating power and growing your wealth? That right there is the American (Politician) Dream. Roger Goodell is the hero of Capitol Hill.

The commissioner shouldn’t stop with simply advising the GOP, however – he should look to takeover the whole thing. His father, Charles Goodell, was a US representative and senator from New York from 1959 to 1971. Goodell has politics in his blood. And if Donald Trump – a disgusting, reality show buffoon, can be near the top of the field – why couldn’t Goodell be the frontrunner? Current No1 Jeb Bush has name recognition, but so does Goodell, and – unlike Jeb – he’s not closely associated with the unpopular George W Bush. (He is with Daniel Snyder, though, so maybe it’s a draw there.)

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